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dr Magdalena Porembska

Lingsense® has been founded and driven by a need to share knowledge and many years’ experience gained in multinational corporations. Understanding business needs and superior bespoke ‘made-to-measure’ service are key values that Lingsense® offers to its clients.

Magdalena Porembska, PhD – is a professional with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of translation and language training provided for legal, business, technical and IT environments. She is a graduate of Warsaw University language studies; this is also where, in 2004, she was awarded the title of PhD in Linguistics (with honours). She also completed post-graduate studies at The Translation Studies Center TRANSLA.

She authored numerous publications on linguistics; she also completed a course in language teaching methodology as well as number of business and language courses, including at the University of Cambridge, Institut Français and the European Business Development Association. Magdalena Porembska’s success is underpinned with passion and belief that being in a constant pursuit of perfection and providing unique added value for the client will foster the best recommendation to her service.

What We Do

Lingsense® Translation & Language Training Centre offers:

Translation and interpreting from and into English as well as multi-lingual translations from Polish, German, French and Italian.

Translation & Proofreading

Specialized translation in: legal, business, financial, HR, technical, scientific and professional development field.


Industry-specific trainings – bespoke individual and group courses of legal, business and general language as well as intensive preparatory courses for Cambridge language examinations


Consecutive, simultaneous, conference (also booth), whispered, escorting, negotiations etc.

Translation & Proofreading


Contracts, legal opinions, pleadings, court judgments, letters in administrative proceedings, reports, materials of statutory corporate bodies, memoranda, articles of association etc.

Technical & IT

Design & project documentation, machine operating & maintenance manuals, production specifications, technical training materials, software and interfaces, architecture of IT & technology platforms, webpages.

Business and Finance

Tender documentation, terms and conditions of offers, analyses, financial reports & statements, presentations, commercial correspondence, corporate newsletters and marketing publications.

HR & Payroll

Job descriptions, organigrams, internal procedures, regulations and bylaws.

Documents Related to Professional Development

CVs, resumes, letters of recommendation, letters of intent.

Scientific Papers & Work

Scientific papers, publications, articles, abstracts of theses and scientific papers.










For those who need a language support

For legal & business aspects of transactions

For scientific & technical purposes


Preparatory Courses – Language Certificates

Cambridge language certificates: business, legal and general (i.e. BEC, TOLES, ILEC, FCA, CAE, CPA).

Industry-Specific Language Courses

Language of law, accounting, taxes, IT;
Technical language related to production, machine construction, technologies etc.

Bespoke Training

For those planning their professional and personal development, especially in relation to work change - also in their expertise area (law, taxes, accounting, management, production, technologies).

General Language Courses

For managers and professionals who want to improve their overall language and communication competence in their workplace and beyond it.

Business Language Courses

Bespoke business and specialized language courses: 1-to-1 or in small groups.


We have already worked for:


Why us?


The reputation of Lingsense® translation and training centre derives from nearly 20 years of experience of Magdalena Porembska, PhD not only in in the profession of interpreter and translator in the international business environment but also as an author of unique, bespoke ‘made-to measure’ language courses.


The key to Magdalena Porembska’s success has been her continuous pursuit of perfection, relentless improvement of professional qualifications and thorough understanding of her clients' needs. She also has many years of managerial experience (in the management structures of one of the largest capital groups) that she successfully uses in her translation and training services rendered to business circles.


Magdalena Porembska's students recruit from among top level executives, attorneys-at -law, legal and tax advisers but also people who want to improve their professional competence by effectively developing their language skills.


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